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RAW Treatment and Edition

On-line service!

  • Image treatment with Lightroom

  • Exposure and color corrections 

  • Metadata and folders organization

  • Photoshop finalization

  • Export to jpg or tiff

  • Export to specific sizes:
    Facebook, Instagram or more pixels to large prints

  • Edition images suggestions

Contact-me for estimates and price tables!

In Ireland soon:

Shooted by Celso Jr

Develop and Film Scanning

Formats: 35mm to 8x10"

Developing only BW films

Scanning BW or color film using Epson V850 Pro

Contact-me for estimates!

Fine Art Printing

Formats: A5 to A3+

• 100% Cotton Paper

• Digital printing using Canon Pixma Pro-100

• Chemical printing: Cyanotype or Platinotype with Palladium

Contact-me for estimates!

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